Bible Studies on Family Issues

Raising Children to Stay in the Faith

 Hannah and Jeff

Is teenage rebellion inevitable, or is it one of the serpent's lies? In this study I share how my wife and I overcame contemporary belief, and applied Biblical truth to successfully raise seven children.

How to Raise Honest Children

Few understand this biblical solution that is easy to apply, (if you do not wait until it is to late) and very effective. Our experience includes raising seven children, the youngest is 17 and all are completely honest and on the narrow path. This passage from scripture stresses the importance of honesty not understood by this generation.

But the fearful, and unbelieving, ... and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. - Revelation 21:8

Ten Reasons to Home School Your Children

God gave your children to you as a trust. Are you being faithful to that trust when you send your children to public school? If you are considering home schooling, here are eight reasons to push you over the edge.

Does Your Child have ADHD?

This study is for parents of children with ADHD. Learn how to raise happy, active children, who are not out of control by looking at ADHD from a Christian perspective rather than a psychological one.

Biblical Counsel for a Godly Marriage

Married in 1982, I've since learned a lot about marriage. These are my collection of thoughts and tips.

This study:

  • begins by comparing Victorian Ethics with Christian Ethics.
  • gives tips to young adults before the wedding day.
  • shares six secrets for a happy marriage, or help you to restore a relationship with your spouse.

Divorce and Remarriage

This study speaks specifically to Christians who are on their second marriage. There is a common teaching among Christians that women who are in a second marriage should seek a divorce. Knowing that God hates divorce, this study refutes the false doctrine with a careful examination of Scripture.

Our modern feminists trumpet a proper maxim:

Does the modern feminist movement fulfill the woman's desires? Or do vigilant entrepreneurs and money-hungry hallmarkers capitalize on our craving to be needed, valuable members of society.

The Long Term Effects of Abortion on Women

For those who are contemplating an abortion, understanding the long term side effects are important in making an informed decision. If you have already had an abortion, this may encourage you to seek support.

By Sarah Barnes. Adapted from a research paper for a writing class at the South Western Oregon Community College.


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